Since General Secretary Xi Jinping presented the concept about great construction of “sponge city” featuring natural accumulation, natural permeation and natural purification at the working conference of central urbanization in December, 2013, the state is making great efforts to promote the urban ecological water drainage technology to solve urban inland inundation and non-point source pollution. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the technical document the Guideline for Construction Technology of Sponge City-The Establishment of Low Impact Development Storm-Water System in October, 2014, and the central finance will also provide financial support for pilot cities at early stage.
Low Impact Development (LID) technology is a green rainwater technology originating from the U.S. in the 1990s. Through engineering practice for nearly 20 decades, the U.S. has accumulated a great deal of engineering practical experience in LID engineering planning, construction, engineering and assessment. Since the construction of sponge city in China is still at its early age, in order to learn the experience of US in the LID field and provide technical information for the construction of sponge city prepared to be built, China Water Industry Net (CWIN) will hold 2015 the First Sino US Sponge City LID Technology Practice Conference jointly with relevant institutions.
In the conference, research, discussion, technical demonstration & exhibition and engineering visit & investigation will be integrated, and analysis will be made towards typical cases about sponge city at home and abroad in accordance with every link of engineering system including “permeation, retention, storage, purification, use and drainage”. Besides, during the conference, field investigation of the largest LID project of sponge city in old city area implemented under the guidance of American expert team will be arranged. Meanwhile, products, materials, equipment relevant to the construction of sponge city will be demonstrated.
Development planning about the construction of sponge city in China
The latest development condition of US LID technology
Project management and PPP of sponge city (LID)
Condition of LID engineering cases of sponge city being implemented in China
Assessment method and means of sponge city (LID) engineering
Analysis of typical cases of LID engineering in the U.S.
Engineering practice communication of sponge city (LID)
Field investigation of the old city reconstruction engineering project in line with the idea of sponge city LID in Jinshan Lake, Zhenjiang
The first council meeting for the establishment of LID Engineering Practice Communication Association of International Sponge City
Experts of American LID engineering
Relevant administrative institutions for the construction of sponge city at home (housing construction, water affairs, water conservancy, municipal construction)
Planning&design institute, municipal design institute, building design institute
Water affairs investment and financial institution
Rainwater utilization, landscape, landscape engineering enterprise
universities and colleges, scientific research institutions
Relevant enterprises engaged in the production of products, equipment and materials
Industry and social media
Some confirmed speakers
Jiangsu Zhenjiang
Theme report
Research and Discussion
Demonstration of technical data
visit to & investigation of the construction project of sponge city
Association of International Sponge City & LID Engineering Practice Communication
China Water Industry Net
College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University
U.S. SWA Group
Zhenjiang Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction
Chinese Society for Sustainable Development
Zhenjiang Institute of Planning and Design
Beijing National Water Construction Information Consulting Co., Ltd.